Online work

Happy Veteran’s Day!!

As I said before, I used to do online work on Crowdflower. They banned me from the working on that site. I didn’t do anything wrong, but they banned me anyway.

The online work I do now is paid to click sites, Mylot, Textbroker, and Clickworker. Today I’m posting about Clickworker.

Clickworker is a German site, but they do have workers from the U.S. They offer writing jobs and mini jobs. The writing jobs are writing texts about different things. You have to take a test to do the writing jobs. I failed the test so I can’t do the writing jobs. But I do the mini jobs.

They also have UHRS jobs as well. You have to take a test to do those jobs as well. I decided not to do the UHRS jobs because I had done those jobs on Appen. Also, you have to have a cellphone to do those jobs. I don’t have a cellphone.

The mini jobs include searching people and companies on different search engines. They also have surveys and voice recording jobs. They pay through paypal and they pay either on Wednesdays or Thursdays.



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