About the election

I am a big fan of the show 24. While I would watch the show, I would pay attention to who the fictitious president that served on the show.
First, it was President Palmer, (he now does the Allstate commercials. I love his voice.) then he was his brother, then it was a white man (I can’t remember his name.), then a woman president. The white man was a coward and he resigned as president. I think his name was President Logan. Because he resigned that opened the door for a woman president.

What does 24 have to do with the US election, you may ask? Right before Obama became our president, President Palmer was on the show. Since he served two years that would take care of both Palmers. My theory with you know who, is that perhaps under pressure he will be like the white man on 24.

I have another theory. As everyone knows, I have been listening to the Left Behind series. I think you know who may be the forerunner of the Anti-Christ. Right now I’m listening to Nicholae. When Nicholae appeared to the people, he was all about promising peace until he started bombing America. I am truly saddened about the result of the election. Whatever happens, it will be on electoral college’s heads because the most of the American people did not want Trump as president.

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