The Killing Dance (book)

I had Bloody Bones which is the fifth book of the Anita Blake book series on hold on Overdrive. I was next in line for it. Then suddenly it disappeared. They took the ebook down. They had no copies!! I kinda panicked thinking I would have to spend my Amazon gift cards, but I found another way to get the book without having to use the cards.

I put the sixth book The Killing Dance on hold. It is written by Laurell K. Hamilton. It’s an audiobook and it came available on Monday. I just finished listening to it today. I actually realized that I had read the book already, though. I’m glad I read it again because I was wrong about who wanted her dead.

In The Killing Dance, Anita Blake finds out through Edward that there is a hit put out on her. She also was asked by another necromancer to help heal a vampire who is very sick. Also, Richard, her werewolf boyfriend, is being challenged by another alpha. She wants Richard to kill the other alpha, but he refuses to until he finds out that the other alpha had put the hit on Anita. In the end, Anita breaks up with Richard because of differences of opinion. She also sorta chooses Jean-Claude.

I will be reading/listening to Nicolae this afternoon. I did find out they have a book set that has books 6-10 of the Anita books and I did put it on hold. I have two people ahead of me.

You can find The Killing Dance at,,, and


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