Relic (book)

Saturday I finished reading Relic. I was so glad to be done with that book. I think reading the book did make it less gross than watching the movie. Relic is written by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child.

Last week I watched the movie. The book is about a Relic. lol It’s actually about a museum that allowed an explorer named John Whittlesey to explore a South African tribe.(the movie spelled his name wrong.) The museum was in New York. (in the movie it was Chicago.) Then the murders happen. The two boys were first. (in the movie the two boys were different and they didn’t get killed.) Then an FBI agent came to investigate the murders. His name is Pendergast. (He wasn’t in the movie which is a shame.) A scientist named Margo and her mentor Dr.Frock find out it’s a monster doing the killings and that the fibers from the plant were the cause for the monster. Later another scientist named Kawakita discovered it was the monster was Whittlesey and he also discovered how to grow the plant.

It’s always irksome when the movie is so much different than the book. I do think the book was better than the movie.Right now I’m reading The Killing Dance by Laurell K Hamilton. I’m also will read the sequel to Relic called Reliquary.

You can find Relic at,,,,and
Relic on ebay   Relic (Pendergast, Book 1)

4 thoughts on “Relic (book)

  1. Saw the movie ages ago and before your post , I had no idea it was a book too . It certainly brought back memories . Will be on a lookout for the book in the library and a sequel too . I wonder what’s that about ?

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  2. Relic is an early Preston & Child book and they have improved ten fold since. I haven’t seen the movie for Relic and I don’t really plan too but the books are all great reads. The Pendagast series is always a good read even if the last few where he found out more about his family were a bit of a hard read, and the Gideon series is pretty good too. I recently finished the most recent Gideon where the good doctor puts Gideon to work to help his solve what started in Relic. I believe next year Gideon will be suckered into going to the ocean depths to retrieve what the doctor and his team left behind so long ago.

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