The Relic (movie)

Since it was Halloween yesterday, I decided to watch a sorta scary movie for this week’s movie. I watched The Relic. It was made in 1997. It is loosely based on the book Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. (I am still reading the book and there are some differences between the movie and book.) The movie has Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore, Linda Hunt, James Whitmore, and Lewis Van Bergen in it.

Warning: there are a few gross parts and some cussing. The Relic is about a Relic.

The Relic is about a Relic. lol Actually it’s about a museum that allows an explorer named John Whitney to go to South Africa to study a tribe’s culture. He had a hidden agenda to find a tribe that is assumed dead. He finds a bust of a god that the ancient tribe had used to get rid of enemies and some palm leaves. On the palm leaves were some kind of bead-like stuff on them. In the movie, John is fed these leaves in a mixture by the tribe. Later he packs up everything to take to the museum, but the shipment goes on the wrong ship. John Whitney is assumed dead. At the museum, they get the shipment. The bust is broken and they put it back together for an exhibit called Superstition. Then a monster starts killing people. It first looks like a gecko, but then it evolves into other animals. It eats parts of the brain of the people it kills. It is later learned that the beads of the palm leaves are some kind of hormone that causes the beast to form. And the monster ends up being John Whitney.

I think the book is alot better than the movie. I will post about the differences once I finish reading the book. Next week I’m watching Left Behind 3: World at War.

You can find this movie at,, and
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the relic at


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