Redrum season premiere

I call How to get away with Murder, Redrum because it is not as long of a title and it’s cool. I love the tv show. It reminds me why I shouldn’t go into law school. I do have a paralegal degree. Last season was really good. Last season’s finale Frank shot Wes’ father in front of him. He thinks he is making things right.

This season Annalise comes up with doing a lawyer clinic to be able to keep an eye on the students. But someone puts up posters to spread rumors about her. (I think it the new guy that did for Frank.) Annalise tries urgently to find Frank, but Laurel finds out where he is. Also, this season mystery is that someone is supposedly dead. Annalise’s house is on fire. She cries and yells about the person under the sheet. I had two theories about who is under the sheet. My second theory was Bonnie, but that was revealed that it wasn’t her. So my first theory is Wes.

There are only 4 more episodes left and I hope they revealed who it is under the sheet.

You can find both season 1 and season two of this show on,, and
season 1 and 2 on ebay
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