Secrets & Lies season premiere

Last year Secrets & Lies was a new tv show. It was really good. I thought it was canceled after last year’s season finale. But I was wrong. It is back on!! But this season it is a new story which a little bit disappointed me because I wanted to know if Cornell would get that little girl who killed her half-brother. That little girl was evil.

I decided to watch this season because I like Cornell. She is tough, but she does a have a soft side to her. So this season is about a man who is suspected of killing his wife. It was during a party for him to take over his dad’s company. His wife, at some point during the party, went on the roof of the building. She was pushed off the roof. It was later revealed that she was pregnant.

My theory is that someone either raped her, or she was having an affair. Or the blackmailer killed her. I hope they reveal who did it by the end of the season finale.

You can find season 1 of Secrets & Lies for rent at
Secrets & Lies season 1 for rent


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