Christmas gifts

I realize that it too early to talk about Christmas. I have been thinking about Black Friday lately. I usually wait until Black Friday to get calendars. I give one to my best friend every year. And I get one for myself to hang in the kitchen.

Two years ago I fell in love with a calendar that was called When Darkness Falls. The calendar was photos done by Tony Mauro. Last year I wanted a new Tony Mauro calendar, but I couldn’t find one. So I ended up getting another calendar on

The calendar I got was Victoria Frances Gothic Art. I loved some of the artwork. Again this year I didn’t find another Tony Mauro calendar. So I decided that I would get another Victoria Frances calendar.

A few weeks ago I decided that since I had saved up some Amazon gift cards that I could get the two calendars now instead of waiting until Black Friday.

I am not saying what calendar I got my best friend. But I did get another Victoria Frances calendar. They both are supposed to arrive in a few days.

You can find this calendar and others at,, and
Victoria Frances 2017 calendar on ebay  


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