Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell

This is the other book I finished reading over the past weekend. I actually was supposed to read for an hour, but I ended up reading the rest of it.

Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell is the first book of this book series. It is the continuation of the Dark Heavens book series that is written by Kylie Chan. I originally wanted to give this entire book series to Chris because it’s a martial arts fantasy book series. But Chris thought it wouldn’t be his type of book so I ended up reading the series and I love it.

Journey to Wudang: Earth to Hell takes place 8 years after Xuan Wu (John Chen) is killed by Simon Wong. Simone is now older and she is helping out with protecting the other Shen. (Shen is another word for god or spirit) But Leo is still in Hell. Emma is doing her best to keep everything afloat without John. She also has been trying to see if she could to talk Leo into taking the elixir which will make him immortal. When they do go to see Leo, they discover Leo was taken!! Simon’s friends took him. Also, Simone insists on being normal, but she ends up missing too many days in school. She thinks everyone is scared of her. In the end, everyone respects her and they do get Leo back.

There were a few spots where I didn’t like how the book was going, but it ended up being good at the end. After I read Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, I will read the next book in this book series which is Journey to Wudang: Hell to Heaven.

I have listed this book on ebay. You can also find this book on,,, and
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