Unravel Me

I actually finished reading two books this past weekend. I will post about the other one on Wednesday. Unravel Me is by Tahereh Mafi. It is the second book of the Shatter Me book series. Like I said this book series is similar to a story I wrote and that’s why I’m reading this book series.

Here is that song again that describes this book series so well:

Unravel Me sorta continues where Shatter Me left off. Juliette is at Omega Point which is an underground safe haven for people with special abilities. But she is moping around. She thinks everyone hates her and is afraid of her. Castle, the head of Omega Point, tries to get her make friends and get her to try to figure out the reason behind her breaking things gift.She does find her muse that causes that part of her gift. Adam is also put to the test to see if he has a special gift and he does.  But his power is slowly killing him when they are together. So she tries to break up with him. Then when she goes on her first mission she almost kills Warner’s father. She also finds out Warner and Adam are brothers. Warner has a special gift too. He can share powers with others.

I loved and disliked this book. I dislike that Adam can’t be with her. I found out that Overdrive doesn’t have the third book so I bought it. I’m reading it now. So far I’m not really liking it. I’m hoping it gets better. The third book is called Ignite Me. I am also waiting on Left Behind to come available.

You find Unravel Me on Amazon.com, Wordrey.com, Kobo.com, Downpour.com, Walmart.com, and Ebay.com.
Unravel Me on ebay

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