My blue/green shirt

Many years ago, I had a blue paisley turtleneck long sleeve shirt that I loved. The tag in the back of the shirt was itching me so I cut it out. When I took out the tag, it left a medium size hole. I wore the shirt anyway because I would have long hair when I usually wore it and the hole wouldn’t show. I also wore jackets too which hid the hole.

Last year my mother and I went through my clothes and I decided to get rid of that shirt. I hated getting rid of that shirt, but I knew that hole will eventually get bigger. So last Black Friday I saw a mock turtleneck paisley long sleeve shirt. The paisley is done in a blue-greenish color with a black background. The shirt is made by Kim Rodgers. I love the shirt.

I couldn’t find the exact shirt I got, but here’s some that are similar.

kim rodgers paisley shirt on ebay

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