Blindspot season premiere

Blindspot was one of the new tv shows last year that was fascinating to me. Blindspot is a woman that was found in NYC in a bag. She was naked with many tattoos on her body. The request on the bag was to give her to the FBI. She couldn’t remember who was she was, so they called her Jane. They found out the tattoos have meanings. Then they thought she might be a lost girl that Kurt knew, but the DNA didn’t really match. It was later revealed that she isn’t the lost girl.

This season there was a big twist that I didn’t see coming. She (and I) is more confused than ever of who the good and bad people are. She has to play both sides so she won’t get killed or be taken by the CIA again.She is in a real dilemma because she told a lie to one side and her lie is about to be revealed. I hope they get some tattoo cases because they are very interesting.

I hope this season gets a little bit better.

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One thought on “Blindspot season premiere

  1. I started watching this but the lead guy started annoying me about 4 eps in. Not sure what it was but for me he ruined the whole show. The lead girl was ok but I think she suffered a bit from poor writing as the writers struggled to connect the back story to the present. Some of the support characters were really good and we watched the entire series. My wife liked it more than I did but I was happy to watch it with her when I could stay awake.

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