Clixsense and Neobux update

Clixsense and Neobux are paid to click sites. You click to look at ads. I had thought these sites were scams, but they aren’t scams. They do pay. Both sites, you have the option to do offers and mini jobs on Crowdflower. Since Crowdflower flagged me, I have decided not to do the mini jobs on the sites. I do the video offers. they also have surveys you can do, but I don’t them because you have to qualify to do them.

My update on Clixsense: I did make it to 8 dollars, but I found out that your first time cashing out, you have to have 10 dollars to cash out. So I did get to 10 dollars and I’m supposed to be getting a check in the mail on Oct. 10th. Then on the back of the check will be a PIN code. Once I fill that out, I will be able to cash out through paypal after that.
I also found out that around 5am is the best time to do the site because they have hundreds of clicking opportunities. I still haven’t won money on Clixgrid game, but I have again won chances.

My update on Neobux: I cashed out again at 4 dollars. and I did get paid through paypal. On Neobux, they have an option of rented referrals.  I had thought I would never try out that option because I thought it would be too expensive. But it’s not. You have the option to pay for the referrals through your main balance. For 3 referrals, you pay 6 cents. For 5 referrals, 1 dollar. For 100 referrals, 20 dollars. So before I got to the four dollar mark, I decided to give the rental referrals a try. I got 5 referrals to start with. At first, I thought the option wouldn’t be good for me because they only click 4 ads. But now they are clicking alot better. You have the referrals for 30 days. You can extend them in blocks of 15 days. I’m not extending them since I just wanted to give this option a try. I might get some more later on.

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