My pink jeans

Many, many years ago I got some pink Guess jeans. I loved those jeans. I grew out them, but I kept them. Every Fall season I would try them on. I kept hoping they would fit. They didn’t every year.

About two years ago I finally gave up on them and gave them away. I was sad about it. Later on that year, my mother said she was looking in her mall and saw some pink jeans. She thought I would like them. She couldn’t buy them right then because I would have to try them on.

So that year’s Black Friday, I decided to get those pink jeans. They are made by Celebrity Pink. They are mid-rise skinny jeans and they are an acid wash pink color. I really like them.

I couldn’t the exact color, but I found some that are similar. You can find them at Belks, Amazon, Dillards, and ebay.
celebrity pink jeans on ebay
Visit Amazon’s Denim Shop Shop Amazon – Juniors Clothing

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