23 Minutes in Hell

A long time ago, my uncle gave this book to my mother. She never read it and she left it here. I wanted to read the book too. The book is called 23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese. It’s a Christian book.

There are three problems I have with this book, but first I should tell you what it is about. 23 Minutes in Hell is about Bill Wiese’s account of being in Hell for 23 minutes.

Here’s my perplexed problem with it.1. He says he was catapulted out of bed and then suddenly he was plopped on the floor in a cell in Hell. He means his astral body was there. But later when his astral body was going back in his body, his physical body was lying on the living room floor. How did it get there? I read an article (faq about out of body experiences)  that says that it takes a lot of practice to be able to move your body during an astral projection/out of body experience. I think he slept- walked to the living room and then had the out of body experience.
2. He says he felt really tired in Hell. Your astral body can’t feel anything.
3. He says god took him to outer space. He says ‘the earth was turning so precisely, not varying even one mile per hour.’ The earth moves faster than that.

I’m not the only one who has a problem with this book, here are someone else’s questions about it: http://jcmasters7.blogspot.com/2008/01/why-i-dont-believe-bill-wiese-went-to.html

I’m reading next Earth to Hell by Kylie Chan. I have one person ahead of me on the Unravel me by Tahereh Mafi.

If you want to read this book anyway, you find it at Walmart.com, Wordery.com, or at Kobo.com.

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