Like I said yesterday, I started doing two paid to click sites because Crowdflower had put a flag on me.

Today I’m posting about the second paid to click site that I signed up for. It is called Clixsense. They are based in Hampstead, NC.

Recently the site was down for two days because of a hacking incident. They apologised to everyone. They had changed everyone’s info and passwords just in case. They said the hacking didn’t take anyone’s info, though. It had to do with the DNS. The site is back up and running thank goodness.

Clixsense is different from Neobux. When you view the ad, you have to click on a picture of a cat for it to be verified. They also pay a little more than Neobux because they have a daily checklist. The checklist includes the Clixgrid (a grid game), Tasks (which are optional), 2 Offers, and the forum (it is down right now). The tasks are the mini jobs from CrowdFlower. Since I have that flag on me, I’m not doing the tasks on Clixsense. The Offers can range from signing up for free stuff to watching videos. I mostly do the offer videos.

You can also do surveys that pay. I have tried to do the surveys, but I never qualify for them.  The Clixgrid is a game with pictures that has a grid laid on top of the picture. You click on the squares and you may win up to 10 dollars. I have won twice with more free chances, but not money.  Clixsense also has mini-games that you can play while you wait on more ads to be available.

The minimum amount you can get paid is 8 dollars.They pay through Paypal, PayToo, Neteller, Tango Card, Payza, and Check (you have to have at least 10 dollars for the check). I haven’t got paid yet because I onLy have 7 dollars right now.

You can find more info on Clixsense here:

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