My old job and Neobux

I have been doing online jobs for awhile now. I had been doing task jobs on a website called Crowdflower. Although sometimes the tasks are faulty, I really liked doing them.

About two weeks ago, I got an email from Crowdflower saying that I finally made it to Level 2. This was great news because Level 2 has tasks that pay higher than I was doing. So that day I decided to try out some of those tasks. One of the tasks I failed on because I really didn’t understand what they wanted. So I tried a different one. It was saying I had all of the answers right.

Then later that day I got an email from Crowdflower saying I was flagged on that task job. I’m really confused about that. I did nothing wrong. I don’t do use bots. I don’t even know what they are. I sent them a support ticket and I told them about it on their facebook page. They said their support team would look at it quickly. There were other people who had flags too and it has been months that they haven’t heard back from them.

My mother suggested that, while I wait on them, to do a paid to click site. I have heard about paid to click sites, but I thought they were scams. They aren’t scams!!

The one I’m posting  about today is Neobux. Neobux is a paid to click site. You earn money by clicking ads. You can also earn by going tasks through Crowdflower. Since I have that flag on me, I don’t want to do any tasks through Neobux. You can also earn points and coins by doing offers. Points can be used to upgrade your account from standard to golden. Coins can be converted to real money.

I have been paid twice. At first, you can redeem the money once you hit the two dollar mark, then it increases until you get to 10 dollars and that is the minimum you can take out. You can get paid through Paypal, Payza, Skrill, or Neteller.


One thought on “My old job and Neobux

  1. Good story, I’m so over contracting sites these days, once upon a time they used to be a good way to earn extra money (I do web and graphic design) but these days there are many scammers offering jobs as there are taking them. People offer jobs they have no intention of paying for and then on the other side the people who undercut every offer only to add ‘unforeseen’ fees onto the final product. It’s a joke of a system usually ignored by the website owners because they don’t care about anything other than making their own cash from subscribers.

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