Shadowhunters season 1

I had heard about the Shadowhunters tv show, but I didn’t watch it until now that I read the first two books. The tv show is based on the books by Cassandra Clare. I think the tv show is based on the first two books mixed together and the movie.(maybe even the third book which I haven’t read/listen to yet.) I will be posting about the movie tomorrow and Wednesday I will be posting about the first book (which I finished listening to yesterday).

Here is what the show, movie, and books are basically about: A fifteen year old named Clary Fray gets her life turned upside down while going to a night club one night. She thinks she witnesses a murder of a human being, but it turns out to be a death of demon. She sees what most people can’t see. She meets three teenagers who are Shadowhunters who kill demons. She later learns that her and her mother are one too. She also learns that her father was not her biological father. Her father is the one who is the villain.

The main differences in the show are that Luke is not a police officer, Simon doesn’t turn into a vampire until the second book, and she doesn’t go into a portal (unless she does in the third book).Isabel isn’t accused of treason, Jace is in the second book. And Alec doesn’t get married.

There will be another season coming on next year, but I won’t be watching it.

If you want to see the show, it is available on Amazon Video.


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