My new windbreaker

Many years ago I was given a starter windbreaker and pant set by my boss. I eventually grew out of the pants, but I kept wearing the windbreaker. The windbreaker was blue and white. The zipper tab broke off, but I still wore it. The jacket had a band around the bottom. I couldn’t really zip it up anymore. The white parts of the jacket was a dingy white, but I still wore it. Then one of the pockets had a huge hole in it.

I finally gave it up. I really hate seeingĀ it go. I loved that jacket because it was lightweight, kept the wind out, and it had an inside pocket. I looked everywhere for a new windbreaker that didn’t have a hood.I couldn’t find one.

ThenĀ for my birthday I got a new windbreaker. I saw one I liked at a new discount store called Gabe’s. The jacket came in black and orange. For some reason, I’m really liking orange. The jacket is soft and lightweight. I thought I needed a size medium, but later I found out it was way too big. I went back to the store, and I got a small. It’s still a little big and a littleĀ long, but it’s fine. It’s made of polyester.

Here’s info on the jacket:Ā


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