New Milk

I hate to admit I like to look at junk mail. I get coupons in the mail every week with the junk mail. Alot of times, they feature something new that I might try.

My mother got me started on Almond milk. I like it and I also like the coconut almond blends. Then I liked the Cashew milk. With those kinds of milk, I would make them into chocolate milk by putting chocolate syrup in it.

Then about two weeks ago I saw in the junk mail that there is a new milk made by Silk. It is called Nutchello. They have three flavors. Toasted Coconut and Cashew, Dark Chocolate and Walnut, and Carmel Almond and Cashew. I have tried all three. I loved the Toasted Coconut and Cashew one, but they don’t have it at my grocery store.

I didn’t put any chocolate syrup in the dark chocolate one. I was afraid that the dark chocolate one would be too rich, but it wasn’t. It was just right. Creamy and luxurious.

Here’s more info on Nutchello:

If you are into blends of Coconut, Almond, and Cashew milk, you should give Nutchello a try. They can be found at
icon Silk Nutchello Rich Dark Chocolate + Walnuts Nut-Based Beverage, 48 fl oz
icon Silk Nutchello Caramel Almonds + Cashews Nut-Based Beverage, 48 fl oz


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