Some more Ballet Inspired Workouts

After getting the Ballet Beautiful dvds, I was looking for some more ballet-inspired workouts to do.I found someone on youtube that does barre workouts. There aren’t the fitness gurus’ barre workouts. These are actual barre workouts. I don’t own a barre, but I do use a kitchen chair, and I do them in my sock feet.

The person I found is Kathryn Morgan. She was/is a ballerina and a pianist. She does her own music on youtube videos (which is awesome). One thing though I don’t know how you can keep a straight face while doing some of the movements to some Disney music.

She was a ballerina for the New York City Ballet, but then she got sick with an autoimmune  illness. Since being ballerina takes alot out of a person, she stopped to take care of herself. Her youtube videos are not only workouts, but also beauty tips, and ballet tips.

Her workout videos are a little challenging for me, but I do like doing them. One of the tips on balance has helped me with some balancing yoga poses.

Here is her youtube channel: Ms. Morgan’s youtube channel

Here is her Classic Ballet Barre Workout:

She also has a blog where she has more info on her autoimmune illness and some suggestions on what food you could avoid if you have the same autoimmune illness. She also teaches online classes and private classes. Recently she has been doing podcasts on her experience of being a ballerina at New York City Ballet.

Here is her blog: Ms. Morgan’s blog

She also has a community on facebook.Even though I’m not a ballerina, I’m part of the community.

I give her praise for being a great inspiration to everyone.


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