Ballet Beautiful: Swan Arms Cardio

Two years ago I found out that Mary Helen Bowers had a new Ballet Beautiful dvd out. I wanted to see a clip of it before getting the dvd. But I couldn’t find a clip of it anywhere. All I found was pictures of what the dvd looks like.

Last year I decided to get the dvd anyway. The dvd is Ballet Beautiful Swan Arms Cardio. There are two workouts on the dvd. The cardio workout, and floor (mat) workout. The dvd is 60 minutes long. The workouts can be separated to be two workouts.If done separately, the cardio workout is 30 minutes long and the floor (mat)workout is 30 minutes long.

There are some balancing moves in the cardio workout. I have a little bit of trouble with it, but I do like the workout. You don’t any equipment to do this workout dvd, just an exercise mat.

Mary Helen Bowers also has some streaming workout videos on her website: The streaming videos cost 8 dollars to 13 dollars. I have never done any of her streaming videos, but some day I will try some.

She also has a new dvd out called Backstage Workout. I may get it this year.

You can find the Swan Arm Cardio workout dvd on

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