A great gift

Many years ago my uncle gave me a student study bible. It was in the New American Standard version. I did love that bible, but I didn’t take it to church because I had a lot to take with me since I started playing my clarinet at church. I would use the church’s bible.

Then a few years ago I wanted to give a study bible like the one I had to my best friend for Christmas. I couldn’t find one that was New American Standard. I wanted to give her one that has maps and features in it. I couldn’t believe how much bibles nowadays. I saw one that I thought she would like, but the price was outrageous. On Black Friday  that year(the day after Thanksgiving), I went to Lifeway (the Christian bookstore). They had that bible on sale for 10 dollars!! But it was the hardcover version. I really wanted to get her a personal size, but I couldn’t find one that was on sale for 10. So I got her the hardcover one anyway. After looking through it, I kinda wished I had gotten one for myself.

Flash forward to this year, my uncle surprised my mother and me with two bibles. Guess what they were? The same bible I bought my best friend. The bible is the Holman Christian Standard Study Bible.
A few months later, my best friend gave me a bible cover. So I can take my bible with me to church.

A few weeks ago, I found out that the Holman Study Bible has a Kindle version. So I bought it last week. Now I can take my kindle to church and I feel carefree because I have less to carry. I put the kindle and my Sunday school book in my purse. I will be using that bible cover if I switch purses.

The Bible can be your sanctuary like it is for me.

You can get the Holman Study Bible at Amazon.com (kindle version), Walmart.com, Kobo.com, or at Wordery.com.
icon icon  <-Kobo.com US ebook for Kobo ereaders
 <-Kobo.com UK ebook for Kobo ereaders

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