Many years ago I started watching Supernatural. I used to not watch all the episodes in the season because some of them were gross. But I do love the show. About a year ago a friend of mine said he just started watching the show. He posted a meme saying about Sam and Dean dying and coming back to life. I commented saying they are too cute to die so that is why they keep coming back to life. lol

Also about a year ago my cousin said (at my great-aunt’s house with the family at the table) that she used to watch Supernatural with her small daughter. She said she doesn’t do it anymore knowing it is not good for her little girl. I agree with that it’s a little bit too much for a little girl to be watching, but you shouldn’t mention the show to our family. Most of our family are Southern Baptist.

Then my uncle shocked my mother and I saying he had been watching the show too. He says he thinks it’s funny.

A few seasons ago I started heavily watching it. It was when they had the episodes of the Apocalypse. I even mentioned a couple of episodes in my Sunday school class.

This latest season (season 11) I have been behind on so today I just watched the season finale. I was shocked by the way it ended. They keep hinting that Dean and Sam are going to die for real. So I guess next season will be the last season.  😦     I also was shocked at who God is. I’m also glad that Cass is back and his guest is now gone.

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3 thoughts on “Supernatural

  1. I have watched some seasons, especially the earlier ones which were on in the afternoon, maybe up to season 4 or 5, but recently, I only watch here and there. I will wait and watch them when they come (or if they are) on Netflix sometime. I have always like Jenson Ackles (Dean), he is cute but never so much liked the other guy, who was Dean on Gilmore girls. I don’t know why, probably cause I didn’t like him in Gilmore girls either. Anyways, wanted to let you know, I did hear, the show is renewed for next season. I would hope after all the times they have died and been in heaven and hell, maybe they could stay alive and have some adventures but not dying ones in the end 🙂 Great piece. Thanks for sharing.

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