Bob Harper’s yoga

A few years ago I found out that Bob Harper had come out with a yoga dvd. Bob Harper was one of the trainers on the show The Biggest Loser. (I just found out he is now the host of the show.) I had stopped watching the show because it became too dramatize and not focusing on losing weight which is what the show is supposed to be about.

Anyway, since Jillian Michael’s yoga dvd was a little hard for me, I thought Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Yoga for the Warrior dvd would be easier for me. I couldn’t find the dvd for a long time. I had seen it on the Walmart website, but then couldn’t find it. (I can’t find it now either.) So I waited awhile, and then I found and got it. I was very wrong, this dvd is not easy.

There are two workouts on the dvd. One is a 15-minute abs workout. The other is an hour long workout.  The 15-minute abs workout is super hard. I can bearly do the end of it because you have to touch your knee to your elbow.  But the workout is great because I can feel my abs for two days!!

The hour workout is also hard. He does tree pose which is hard for me because of my balance. I do try to do birds of paradise pose, but I can bearly do it.

If you want two great workouts, check out Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method Yoga for the Warrior dvd on Gaiam Your #1 Fitness Source! Click Here!

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