One Shot (book)

I finished reading One Shot by Lee Child. It is the ninth book of the Jack Reacher series. It was the book that the movie Jack Reacher was LOOSELY based on. I really liked the book. I just hope that the new Jack Reacher movie will be more like the book it is based on.

Here are the differences between the movie Jack Reacher and the book One Shot (there are a lot of them):
1. James Barr wakes up in the middle of the investigation and talks to Jack. (he wakes up at the end of the movie)
2. The doctor tending to James puts on his chart that he has early onset of Parkinson’s disease which meant he wasn’t the shooter.
3. the cop was not black.
4. Jack Reacher is a tall man.
5. James’ sister gets kidnapped, not the lawyer.
6. Upon saving her, Jack had help from a journalist, the lawyer, Cash, and the PI (who wasn’t in the movie).
7. The target victim wasn’t wanting to sell her husband’s company like the movie. Her husband was missing, and she was asking questions about the disappearance.
8. The Zec wasn’t killed at the end. He was arrested with the cop.

A lot of people thought Tom Cruise wasn’t the fit for the Jack Reacher part. I sorta agree. Like someone said on Mylot that it seemed like they were trying to make it look like the Mission Impossible movies. My mother thinks he was perfect for the role, though.

I hope to listen to Never Go Back next which the next movie is based on. Never Go Back is the 18th book in the series.

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