Jack Reacher

Last Wednesday I watched Jack Reacher. It was this week’s movie. My mother had seen it and begged me to watch it. It was made in 2012. It is LOOSELY based on the book One Shot by Lee Child (which I’m almost through reading). I’ll explain why loosely based tomorrow. The movie has Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, David Oyelowo, Joseph Sikora, Robert Duvall, Alexia Fast, Michael Raymond-James, and Jai Courtney. There will another Jack Reacher movie coming out in October. It is based on another Lee Child book. I guess I will be listening to it next.

Jack Reacher is about a man named Jack Reacher. lol He was a military cop. A man named James Barr had been a military sniper. He had killed four man fourteen years earlier when Jack Reacher was a cop. Then fourteen years later he “supposedly” killed five people. Jack Reacher came to make sure James didn’t get away with it this time. The problem is that James didn’t do it. The mastermind of it was Russian gang leader who wanted a woman to be killed because she didn’t want to sell her husband’s company.

The movie was really too rushed. The book is much better.

If you want to see an action movie, check out Jack Reacher on Amazon.com or Walmart.com. If you want a more detailed story of it, check out One Shot on Downpour.com, Kobo.com, Amazon.com, or Walmart.com.

Jack Reacher at Walmart
icon One Shot at Walmart
One Shot at Downpour
One Shot at Kobo US


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