My new earbuds

When I was visiting my mother, I found out that I could listen to audiobooks on the Kindle gave me. She gave me some earbuds that she had. I sorta like them. They stayed in my ears, but they tangled up really bad.

So I decided that after I got my Kindle case that I would find some tangle free earbuds. I wanted ones that had different size tips so I can make sure they fit in my ear.

I did find some and they are hot pink. They have three size tips. Small, Medium, and Large. They also come with a clip so you make the length shorter. They are made by BassStyle.

I got the earbuds last Sunday. Monday night I wanted to try them out. I thought the earbuds would come with instructions on how to change the tips, but they didn’t. I also thought it would be simple. But no, it was not simple to change them. I looked up how to change them, and I found a youtube video. I still couldn’t get the small tips on until I read the comments below the video. It said to turn the tip inside out and gently slide it on. I did that and it worked!!

The earbuds are great. The sound is really good in them. They don’t tangle up either.

If you need new earbuds, check out these BassStyle earbuds on
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