Budokon 3

Even though the other two Budokon workout dvds were hard for me to do, I want to see how hard the third one is. It is extremely hard for me. I tried to tell that to Chris, but all he said was you will get used to it. I can’t wait until he sees it.But he is a blackbelt so the third one would be easy for him.

The third Budokon workout dvd is called Budokon Power and Agility. In this dvd, I think it has more martial arts than yoga. It is a 50 minute fluid movement. I have to take breaks alot to get water and get my breath. Cameron does go a little fast on some of the moves, but I do what I can with it. Also in this dvd, there is lots of pushups and a few jumps. I still can’t float anything. He does do Crow pose again in this dvd. I still think Budokon is fun to do even if it is hard for me.

Here is the website again for more info on Budokon: http://budokonuniversity.com/

If you want a fun and challenging workout check out Budokon Power and Agility on Amazon.com.

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