Budokon 2

I forgot to say that I had personally renamed Budokon as my personal torture because it is so hard. It can be fun at times. Also Chris had seen the first two workout dvds. He hasn’t seen the third one yet. I also forgot to say the music on the workout dvds is beautiful and awesome. When I do the mediation part, I think myself as a warrior. lol

I also forgot to put in the Budokon website for those people who want to know more about the workouts. Cameron Shayne does workshops all over the world. He also has teaching sessions which are thousands of dollars that happen all the world too. I did learn some through his periscope and youtube lessons. I sorta wish he would do another workout dvd for his second series. I say sorta because he has been doing handstands which I can’t do yet.

Here is the website: http://www.budokonuniversity.com/

Anyway today I’m posting about Budokon Strength and Balance.It is the second workout dvd. Like the first one it is a fluid 50 minute movement.I do takes breaks to get water and get my breath. This one has the balance pose Crow which I said previously was the pose my glasses became crooked on. I am little better with pose now. But you also have to roll up into Crow which I can hardly do. I modify it. Also you also roll into warrior three. I can hardly do that one too. You also do side crow which is very hard. Also in the dvd, you do floating pushups and floating komondo dragons. I can’t float anything yet.

Chris thought the floating pushups looked hard on this dvd.  Chris did like the two workout dvds.

If you want a fun and challenging workout check out Budokon Strength and Balance on Amazon.com.

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