Budokon workout dvds

My fiance, Chris, is a black belt in karate. He wants one day to own a dojo (a martial arts school). I asked him one time when he visited to teach me some moves. He taught me a move. I wanted him to teach me some more moves, but he told me to do that one move 50 times.

Since he doesn’t visit much, I decided to find a martial art dvd. I had been looking at the Budokon workout dvds for awhile before I really decided to get them. The Budokon workout is a mix of martial arts (mainly Karate) and yoga. There are three workout dvds. The first one I’m posting about today called Flow and Flexibility. The instructor is Cameron Shayne. ┬áHe is really cute. I found out later that he is from Charlotte, NC which is near where I live.

All the Budokon workout dvds are 50 minutes long. They also have tutorials on all the moves. Cameron is a great teacher too. They have mediation too. You can choose to the mediation at the beginning only, ending only, both, or no mediation. I do both beginning and end. At the end he says a saying.

Budokon Flow and Flexibility is a fluid 50 minute movement. He doesn’t take many breaks. I do pause the dvd to take breaks to get water and get my breath. In this dvd, you do third warrior which is a balance move. I can hardly do the move, but I attempt it. You also roll around on the floor which is fun. Actually the whole workout series is fun to do.

If you want to do a fun and challenging workout, check out Budokon Flow and Flexibilty on Amazon.com.

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