Mortal Heart

I finished reading Mortal Heart by Robin LaFevers. It is the third book of His Fair Assassins. I didn’t read the second book Dark Triumph yet. I hope to read it once it comes available on the North Carolina Digital Library (OverDrive). So Yes, I’m reading them out of order. It was really good. I really hope she writes some more books.

The books in the book series are historical fiction. His Fair Assassin series is about nuns are trained to be assassins. The books take place in 1489. Mortal Heart is about a young girl in the convent named Annith. She was born into the convent. She is better trained than most of the girl there, but she hasn’t been sent out on any assignments. She finds an opportunity to sneak out of the convent when the abbess (the head nun) goes on a trip. But before Annith goes, she finds out some interesting info on her birth (she didn’t know much about her birth). She goes to follow the abbess to confront her about why she wasn’t sent out on any assignments. She sorta runs into trouble along the way, but by doing so she learns more about herself.

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