Kindle 3

A few years ago, my mother’s friend gave a Kindle. Her friend had gotten a new Kindle so she gave hers to my mother. My mother keep asking me if I wanted the Kindle. I kept telling her no because I had a lot of actual books to read.Plus I had been listening to audiobooks which I didn’t think I could put them on it.

So before I went to visit my mother, I finally gave in and told her I will get the Kindle when I come to visit her. When I got there, I had trouble putting a book on the Kindle. It has wifi which my mother has wifi. But the Kindle wouldn’t download anything until I installed the software which I couldn’t because her computer wasn’t recognizing the Kindle. Also I broke the case while trying to reboot the Kindle.

The Kindle she gave me is a Kindle 3 keyboard. I thought it was the cord she gave to plug the Kindle in the computer. She finally admitted to me that it wasn’t the right cord. So we went to Staples to get a new cord. When we got back to her apartment, I found out the cord worked. So after the software installed, I looked up about audiobooks.

The audiobooks I get is from OverDrive is a website where you get library ebooks and audiobooks by just using your library card. They are in over 40 countries.

I found a website that said that you can put the audiobooks on Kindle, but the audiobooks aren’t synced which means you have to listen to whole part which one hour long. My mother gave me some earbuds she had.   I also bought the next book in the martial arts fantasy series by Kylie Chan that I put on the Kindle.

When I got home, I bought a new case for the Kindle. This one is smaller and the Kindle fits in it better. I also hope to buy some new earbuds because the earbuds my mother gave me tangle up too much.

If you need a new cord for your Kindle, check out the one I got at
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