Yoga Meltdown

A few years ago I was channel surfing and I stumbled upon a channel called BYU. It’s Brigham Young University’s tv channel. I’m not a Mormon, but they had an exercise show on their channel almost every day.  The exercise show had all kinds of workouts. But mostly I was interesting in the yoga workouts.
One day I decided to try it out. I liked doing the yoga workouts shows, but then the channel stopped having them everyday. They then started started having the show just on Saturdays.  I wanted to try out some more yoga.

My great-aunt suggested that I should watch the show The Biggest Loser. I liked the show for a while until the drama on the show became too childish.So I don’t watch the show anymore. I knew about Jillian Michaels, but didn’t see how she is until I started watch the show. She is really tough.

I found out that she did a yoga dvd so I decided to give it a try. The dvd is called Yoga Meltdown. There are two yoga workouts on the dvd. Both workouts are 30 minutes each.  The first workout is a little hard for me because it has some balance poses in it. The balance moves are crescent pose and third warrior pose. The second workout has some core work in it and one balance pose. That balance pose is crow. It is the yoga move that I made my glasses crooked because I fell over. I saw an transformation in myself by doing those workouts. I can now do crow pose a little better without falling over.

I do like doing this yoga dvd. She does another yoga dvd out there, but it looks like too hard for me because it involves weights with yoga poses.

If you are into yoga, check out Yoga Meltdown on

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One thought on “Yoga Meltdown

  1. I love to do yoga. I have downloaded an ap on my iPad called All-In-Yoga. It has a large variety of work outs and for different body areas, different levels, different lengths, it’s awesome 🙂


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