Lately I have picking movies to do movie marathons. I watch a movie once a week. Currently I am doing a computer movie marathon. This week’s movie was S1m0ne. I really loved this movie. ┬áIt was made in 2002. It has Al Pacino, Winona Ryder, Rachel Roberts, Evan Rachel Wood, James Gleason, and Catherine Keener in it.
This is a really funny movie and thought provoking movie.

S1m0ne is about a movie producer who is obsessed with finishing a movie he was making. The actress is using walks off the movie studio. A crazy guy goes up to the movie producer with an idea of a computer program he made. The movie producer refuses to see it. Then the crazy guy dies and leaves the computer program to the movie producer. The movie producer gets the bright idea to use the computer program as an actress for the movie. He also makes her into a singer. Everyone thinks she is real person. His ex-wife wants to get back with him, but she says it’s not respectful to Simone (the computer program she thinks is a real person). So the movie producer tries to damage her image, but everyone thinks “she” is just being a normal celebrity. Then he kills her off with a computer virus, but then he gets arrested for killing her. His daughter reverses the virus and reveals the secret to her mother. They end up bringing her back to “life” and the movie producer is let go.

This is a great and funny movie. This movie also makes you think. We as a society will believe into anything and when someone tells us we are wrong, we still won’t believe it.

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