Women’s Health workout dvd and book

My mother used to love reading the Women’s Health magazine. A few years ago she got a free workout dvd and exercise when she bought a Women’s Health magazine.

The exercise book is called Total Fitness Guide 2008. It has some great exercises in it for all levels of fitness. It also talks about other exercise ideas like capoeira (an African dance martial art). It also has recipes and diet tips. There are pictures that shows the moves of all the exercises. The book is 361 pages long.

The Women’s Health workout dvd is called Ultimate Fat Burn. The instructor is Amy Dixon. She looks little bit like a friend of mine. She’s a great instructor. The workout dvd is 38 minutes. There are ads at the beginning of the dvd that you can’t skip. The workout itself is pre-built. You will need a pair of 3 pound hand weights for this dvd. It starts off with a warmup, then a cardio set, then a strength set with weights, then a cardio set,then strength set with weights, then a cool down.
There is a woman named Beth that does the easier version of the exercises on the cardio sets. I did modify some of the dvd until I got used to the moves. There is no jumping and no floor work in this dvd. But there is kickbacks if you want to do the harder version.

If you want a good workout and a great exercise idea book, check out the Women’s Health products on Amazon.com.

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