The Maze Runner Series

A few Christmases ago, my mother bought me the movie The Maze Runner. I wasn’t really wanting to see it.

Fast forward to last year, I decided to read the book and then watch the movie. I was surprised that I liked the book, and also was surprised how bad the movie was. The movie doesn’t do the first book justice. There was too many differences. But they did stay sorta “close” to book.

So I read the second book (The Scorch Trials) and watch the second movie. But I HATED the second movie. If you want to read the second book, DO NOT SEE THE SECOND MOVIE. They should have renamed the movie. It DID NOT  do the book justice and it didn’t follow the book at all.  I am glad that they aren’t doing a third movie. I wasn’t going to see it, but I was afraid that Chris would drag me to see it. I did read the third book (The Death Cure) and I did like it.

Last week I read the fourth book The Kill Order. It is the prequel of the The Maze Runner.I like it, but I didn’t like how it ended. There will a fifth book coming out in September. I hope that I can read it after it comes out. The fifth book is called The Fever Code. It is a prequel too of how the maze was started.

The Maze Runner series is written by James Dashner. The books is about a guy named Thomas who wakes up in a maze. (lol) He doesn’t remember nothing of his past. He does know his name though. The maze is full of other boys who don’t remember either. Later a girl appears whose name is Teresa. Thomas and Teresa have a special ability to communicate in an unique way. In the Scorch Trials, they are put to the test again in another trial. They first think they had escaped, but learned they were wrong. Friendships are tested too. In the Death Cure, they learn that some of them have the virus and some are immune. They ask for memories back. Thomas does remember some and he requests not to have his memory back. But he almost dies because he refused.
The Kill Order is about a guy named Mark and a girl named Trina. The book takes place after the sun flares happen. Mark, Trina, and some others make their way from NY to near Asheville, NC. Then they are attacked from the air with darts. The darts contain the virus. The virus is later called The Flare. The Flare is supposed to attack the brain and it will be a peaceful death, but the virus is much worse. There is talk about a cure, but none was produced yet.

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