Flare Jeans

Before Black Friday last year, I discovered that some of my favorite jeans were getting holy. I went to the mall to see what they had. I was surprised and excited to see that flare jeans were back in style. I saw some Jessica Simpson flare jeans that I loved. I tried them on to see what size I would need. I wanted to get them on Black Friday.

On Black Friday though my mother fussed that the jeans were way too long on me.
I’m 4’11. They didn’t have any in petite. Then my mother was complaining that she was sick so our shopping trip was cut off short.

So I decided to find some flare jeans online. I saw some by Ana. So I bought them. They are high rise flare jeans. I love them. They fit perfectly and they aren’t too long.

I got the jeans at JcPenney. They do have some on Amazon.com, but they aren’t flare jeans and not the exact ones I bought.

Visit Amazon’s Denim Shop
Shop Amazon – Women’s Clothing

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