UFC fan

After I got into liking kickboxing, I started watching a little of UFC. I sorta like it.  UFC stands for Ultimate Fighting Championship. UFC started back in the 1990’s. The fighter were all male. They did a mix of martial arts.
Then in 2012, UFC started having women fighters. The first female fighter was Ronda Rousey.

Fast forward to last year, my mother and her boyfriend also started watching UFC. She had told me that Ronda Rousey had written a book. She kept saying that book probably be a good book to read. She hinting that I should read it and tell her about it. I was reading another book right then so I told her I will read it eventually.

Well I did get to read Ronda Rousey’s book. The book is called My Fight/Your Fight. It was a really good book. She is a really tough woman.

My Fight/Your Fight is about Ronda Rousey’s life. When she was born, she had died a minute and then she ended up having a disability where she couldn’t speak good. So basically she had to fight most of her life.
Then her father committed suicide because of his back injury. She ended up getting into judo like her mother. She was very good at judo. She wanted to be in the olympics, but she lost a match. She talked about the pain of losing and a eating disorder she developed.She was in a emotional abusive relationship when she was younger. She decided to do UFC. She became the first female fighter and a great fighter.

I do like Ronda Rousey. I don’t think that this loss she had recently changes anything. She still is a great fighter.

If you want to read an awesome book, check out Ronda Rousey’s book on Amazon.com.
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