Another Tae Bo dvd

About a year ago, I decided to give my This is Tae Bo dvd to my mother. She is always complaining that she needs to start exercising so I give her that dvd. But she won’t use the dvd.

I decided to get a new Tae Bo dvd. I got Tae Bo Max Intensity. Billy Blanks adds in new moves and he adds in jumping near the end of the workout. I just don’t understand why jumps are always added at the end of the workouts on exercise dvds.

Anyway the dvd is 65 minutes long. At the end of the dvd he talks about pushing yourself. And he does push you in this dvd. By the way, Billy Blanks calls this dvd another name in the workout. He says it’s called The Tae Bo Way.

I do like the circle punch and some other moves he does in the workout. The workout is fast-paced. You don’t have to get on the floor in this dvd.

You should check out Tae Bo Max Intensity on, if you want a high intensity workout.
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