Tae Bo Express

When I got those three Tae Bo dvds,  I had often wished that Billy Blanks would make a dvd that was shorter than the 60 minute and 45 minute workouts. I wanted to be able to do the workout before going to  work instead of waiting until the afternoon or the weekends to do them.

My wish came true. Billy Blanks did make a 10 minute workout dvd. The dvd is called
Tae Bo Express. There is eight different workouts on the dvd. Those workouts are Abs, Punch and Knee, Fast Footwork, Kick Express, Isolation Toning, Combo Express, Power Punch, and Bootcamp Power.

I thought that this dvd would be awesome and that I could do two or three workouts in a row. After trying out the Bootcamp Power, I decided not to do that. Billy Blanks pushes you even in these 10 minute workouts.  But I love this dvd.

A warning though: there is some jumping in a one workout. You also will use a chair in the Isolation Toning workout. And the Abs workout you will have to get on the floor to do that one.

If you want a short and awesome workout, check out Tae Bo Express on Amazon.com.
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