Thursday night I finished reading Variant by Robison Wells. It is part of a book series. Variant is the first book. The second book is called Feedback.

The book is a little slow at first, but it got really good later on. Variant is about a boy named Benson Fisher. He is a foster kid. He applies to a scholarship for a private school. When he arrives at the school, he learns the private school is no ordinary school. There are no adults in the school. The “students” are the “teachers” and “workers.” But there is another dark secret attached to the school that Benson finds out about.

Like I said it is slow at first, but I really did like this book. I will be reading the second book soon. The reason it is slow because he mostly talked about escaping, but he doesn’t until the end of the book. I thought this book reminded me of a movie made many years ago. But I was wrong. The movie was of aliens not what this book is like. The movie I’m taking about is The Faculty. It also reminded me of the movie The Village with the same kind of fear.

I do think Variant could really good movie too. If you want a book book to read check out Variant by: Robison Wells on – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices

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