A new eyeglass case

A few years ago I got some new glasses. My old ones were crooked. The reason they were crooked was because I did an arm balance yoga move and fell sideways. The arm balance yoga move was crow. The eyeglass case I got with the new glasses was black with green lining in it.

Fast forward to last year I noticed that the lining in the eyeglass case was falling off in a pieces. The metal underneath was showing.


I want to get a new eyeglass case before Christmas, but I didn’t have enough Amazon gift cards to get it. So after Christmas I got a new pink eyeglass case that comes with a pink and white cleaning cloth. I love it. The eyeglass case I picked also says it can be used for a kinds of things not just a case for your glasses. It listed it can be used as a pen holder, phone cord holder, lipstick holder, jewelry holder, and sewing kit.

They have many colors in the cases. They have pink, blue, red, teal, green, purple, pink/purple, dark pink, and gold. I liked all the colors, but I chose pink because it’s my favorite color.

If you want some bling to your eyeglass case, check out the ones by Spunky Soul.
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