Two Christian workouts

A few years ago I noticed in a Lifeway ad that My uncle had that Tae Bo has two Christian workouts. So I decided to get one and try it out. The one I got was Tae Bo: The Strength Within. I really liked it so I ended up buying the second one which is called Tae Bo: The Power Within. I liked the second one too. Both of the dvds have moves that I really doing.

The instructor is Billy Blanks. His daughter is also in the dvds. In the dvds, he quotes some scripture. In the Strength Within dvd, he prays at the end of the dvd. In the Power Within dvd, he prays at the beginning. The Strength Within dvd is 46 minutes long. The Power Within dvd is 45 minutes long. There is Christian music in both dvds.

In both dvds, Billy Blanks goes a little slower than his other workouts he does. For this reason I think they are good workouts for anyone who thinks he goes too fast in his other workouts. But in the both dvds, you do have to get on the floor to do some of the moves.
In the Power Within dvd, there are some balance moves. You can use a chair, or do the moves lower than the people in the dvd.

If you want some awesome Christian workouts to do check out Tae Bo: The Strength Within and Tae Bo: The Power Within on


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