It was either on Mylot, or Bubblews that someone posted about the movie Room. It came out last year. That person said they saw the movie, but they hadn’t read the book yet. She also said that the movie was good.

So I decided to wanted to read the book before I saw the movie. So last week I got to read the book and I finished it over the weekend. It was good, but really sad. I watched the movie yesterday and the movie isn’t as sad as the book.They did left out alot of stuff that was in the book and there were some differences between the book and movie. It still was a pretty good movie. Between the two, the book was better than the movie.

Room is written by Emma Donoghue. According to wikipedia, the book was inspired by the Fritzl case. Room is in the voice of a five year old boy named Jack. His mother was kidnapped at the age of 19 by a man they have nicknamed Old Nick. She was raped twice and Jack is the product of one of those rapes. They live in a shed that has a keypad door lock. Old Nick only know the code. They called the shed Room. They have a tv, bathtub, stove/oven, a bed, and a wardrobe. Jack sleeps in the wardrobe. Jack think everything like trees, lakes, etc is not real. That they are just inside tv. They finally do escape with a crazy plan that actually works. The only thing though Jack ends up having a hard time accepting that everything is real.

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