Tae Bo

After I broke my 10 minute kickboxing dvd, I was looking for a new kickboxing dvd to do. I found a Tae Bo dvd called This is Tae Bo. I had heard of Tae Bo before years ago, but never was interested in it until now.

The instructor is Billy Blanks. His daughter also is in it. There are two workouts on the dvd. There is a five minute basics workout that teaches you the basic moves. I did do the basics workout first. I noticed that I had been doing the uppercut wrong and my kicks wrong. The second workout is the main workout which is 60 minutes long. (of course it took me longer than 60 minutes to do it because I took breaks.) And then at the end he does talk about how Tae Bo is original and there are copycats out there. So actually the workout is less than 60 minutes since he talks at the end.  He also talks about how Tae Bo got started. He says that he was a martial artist and he make up Tae Bo when he was working out to the music of Rocky.

Billy Blanks does go little too fast with some of the moves. At first I couldn’t get up speed with him and one move I had to modify because my body wasn’t doing what they were doing.  I did get better at it and I eventually gave the dvd to my mother because she always says she needs to exercise, but she hasn’t done the dvd yet.

If you want to have a hard and great workout, check out This is Tae Bo at Amazon.com.
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