My clarinet

When I was in the sixth grade, we had a middle school band come to our school. After seeing them, I decided that I wanted to be band in the seventh grade. Plus my cousin also played a clarinet when she was in school.

I had a lot trouble playing it, but I finally got really used to playing. I even took band in high school. I was even on tv for a second during a local parade.

Anyway I still play my clarinet at church. The only problem is that I had lots to carry because my clarinet case was a hard handheld case. Plus it was really old. I looked on Amazon for a new clarinet case with strap and maybe a pocket on the front to put my music in.

I found one that looks (and is) lightweight and has a strap. The reviews did say that the pocket is not big though, but I bought it anyway. The reviews were right the pocket isn’t really big, but I do love it. I still have to carry my music, but at least I don’t have to hand carry my clarinet case anymore. One day I would like to get a backpack clarinet case.

Here is the clarinet case I bought on

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