I got tired of not being able to do that one move on the Pilates dvd so for my birthday one year I bought 10 Minute Solution: Knockout Body. The dvd came with pink weighted gloves. The gloves are only a pound each. I was little afraid of doing kickboxing. I didn’t know if I could do actually do it, but after trying out the dvd I found out I could do it. I ended up loving kickboxing.

The workouts are 10 minutes long. There are five workouts on the dvd. Those workouts are  Knockout Body Blast (which has combinations of moves), Fat Attack (which is cardio), Fierce and Fabulous Abs (ab workout), Ultimate Upper Body, and KickBox Cross Train (which is more cardio). There is some jumping in the Knockout Body Blast. My favorite was the Fat Attack workout because it was really fast paced and I liked some of the moves in it. I did the dvd so much I ended up breaking the dvd.

The instructor is Jessica Smith. She has other workouts on her website. I really like her. Here is her website:

If you want a fun 10 minute dvd that comes with weighted gloves, check it out on
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