Slade House

After reading The Bone Clocks, I read Slade House by David Mitchell. It is his latest book.
The book is a little hard to explain, but I’m going to try. It’s weird book, but I really liked it. I hope he writes some more books.

Slade House is about a house called Slade House. lol    It’s not an ordinary  house. It’s a huge house, but it’s invisible to most people. The door to the garden that leads to the house is invisible too. The owners of the house are a brother and sister named Norah and Jonah. But they aren’t an ordinary brother and sister either.
The house is visible only to psychic people. Those psychic people become missing. They never leave the invisible house.  It is later revealed that Norah and Jonah aren’t ghosts, but they are bad horologists (read The Bone Clocks first to understand). They suck the lifeforce of the psychic people to be able to keep the illusion of the house going and keep them “alive.”
Like his other books this book starts in 1979 and goes to 2015. It also mentions Marinus (The Bone Clocks) who gets rid of Norah and Jonah for good.

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