Many years ago I got a staph infection. It was horrible. I could hardly walk and I couldn’t sleep in my bed because I was pain. I slept on my mother’s air mattress.

After I had surgery and got better, my mother complained that I laid around too much and that probably cause the staph infection to happen.
So I told her that the only exercise I would do is pilates. I would do pilates if she got me a pilates dvd.

She got me the Pilates 10 Minute Solution dvd. Each of the workouts are 10 minutes long. There are five workouts on the dvd. Those workouts are Pilates for Abs, Pilates for Buns and Thighs, Pilates for Flexibility, Sculpting Pilates, and Pilates Burn. The instructor is a woman named Lara Hudson.
In order to do the sculpting pilates workout, you will need 3lb hand weights.

I did the dvd every other day, but I would find excuses of why I couldn’t do it. One reason I couldn’t do the Pilates Burn. For some reason I couldn’t get my body to do one of the moves in the workout.  (Now I could do that one move easily.)
I did love doing the other workouts though. Lara Hudson is a good instructor.

If you need some short workouts to do, check out the Pilates 10 Minute Solution dvd.

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